Towards an Open 6G for the inclusion of all – Understanding the role of open 6G research infrastructures and toolkits

IEEE International Conference on Communications – Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications
June 12, 2024 // Denver, CO, USA,

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The expectations on 6G are ambiguous as it should extend 5G into several technical and societal dimensions. Particularly, when looking at the targeted UN SDGs, 6G is expected to become the network for all, connecting different vertical industries, as well as the unconnected around the globe. While global research is still debating on evolutionary vs. revolutionary architectural approaches, many operators have made clear, that 6G has to be backward compatible to allow a smooth network transition and to avoid massive investments into a new infrastructure without clearly identifiable killer applications. 

Understanding the current lessons learned from global 5G rollout challenges, as well as the increasing notion of private networks, opening and disaggregation of radio and core network architectures, and emerging open source implementations of 5G  technologies driving innovations one could assume, that 6G might be strongly affected by this.

In this international panel stretching four continents bringing together both relevant industry and academia speakers, we want to discuss the role, plannings and state of play for building up open 6G research infrastructures and toolkits around the globe to allow both industry and academia to get an early practical understanding on emerging 6G technologies and to actively contribute to 6G research, standardization and developments from different national perspectives. In particular, we want to discuss how university students around the globe, including those from developing and emerging countries, could be included in this “practical education”, to be able to design and build up their own national public and/or private 5G/6G networks in the future. 

We also want to discuss best practices and current road blocks and show stoppers identified from the international panelists.

This panel is supported by the 6G Platform Germany ( and the German Open6GHub flagship project (

Moderator:  Prof. Dr. Gerhard P. Fettweis, TU Dresden / 6G Platform

Final Panelists: 

  • Takehiro Nakamura, NTT DOCOMO, Japan
  • Abhimanyu Gosain, Northeastern University, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Joyce Mwangama, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Prof. Dr. Ari Poutto, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Frank Fitzek, TU Dresden, Germany

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