6G Berlin Conference

Open 6G for all – Towards Open 6G Research Infrastructures and Toolkits (Open6GRIT) International Panel

Berlin 6G Conference 2024 – The Annual Networking Event of the German 6G Program
Organized by the 6G Platform Germany, Berlin Congress Center (bcc),
03 July, 2024, https://www.6g-platform.com/berlin-6g-conference/


Lots of experiences have been gained in the past that open test and prototyping infrastructures are of key importance for the early prototyping of next generation mobile network technologies and applications. And with the increasing complexity of technologies due to disaggregation of network functions and components while addressing an increasing need for specific vertical application domain adaptations this is becoming even more important.

Understanding the increasing desire for local eco system developments in different regions of the world and the growing diversity in value chains and business models, the early provision of open research infrastructures and related toolkits becomes of high relevance for accomplishing the vision of an “Open 6G for all”, enabling both academia and industry to get started for the international standardization.

In this panel we bring together distinguished domain experts to discuss the subject.

Chair: Thomas Magedanz, Fraunhofer FOKUS / TU Berlin


Aki Nakao, Tokyo University, Japan

Kostas Chalkiotis, Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Maria, Guta, European Space Agency, The Netherlands

Serge Fdida, Sorbonne University, France

Anita Dohler, NGMN Alliance

Anastasius Gavras, EURESCOM, Germany

Tony Quek, SUDT, Singapore (remote)

Abhimnayu Gosain, Northeast University, USA (remote)